Try different sex activities no more monotonous sex life

It would be boring to do same things for long time. That is why many people choose different things in life to break the boredom routine. Though they have no other options to forgo their routine schedule in career, they get engaged in different things to enjoy their life. Doing the same sort of things for long time would not only cause boredom but it is will also reduce the interest. Due to less interest, the input given and the efforts taken will also reduce. This happens in the sexual life also. The major reason for losing interest in sexual life is monotonous repeated sexual activities.

Change the place

Actually sex need not be monotonous as there are many ways to enjoy sex in interesting way. It takes just a change to enjoy interesting sex. If the person has a desire to break the monotonous sex life then they will be able to spruce up their sexual life. First thing should be enjoying sex in different places. If you are enjoying it only in bed room on bed then it will be boring because it is quite usual with no difference. The best way is to change the place. Take your bed to living room and just lay it on the floor. It would be interesting to have sex on bed which is on the floor.

Kitchen and position

If you have not tried sex in kitchen, this time try hitting it. You will love it for sure or else next time you can change the place. Unless you experiment you will not be able to find out various interesting sexual activities that suits you. The point is that if you try sex in kitchen then you must try different sex position so that you will be able to enjoy it. If you try same missionary position in kitchen in the kitchen floor then you will not like it. You have to make her sit in the counter top of kitchen so that you will enter her from your standing position. This will be awesome if she wraps her legs around your waist. With eye contact, kissing and other interesting things, this will be awesome.


Next place that you can try for steamy sex is bathroom shower. Those people that enjoy intense sex actually find this as one of the best. The reason is that it seems quite different and the shower cools the body and the sexual pleasure heats the body. Together it works awesome. Of course both of you have to be in standing position or if you have bath tub then fill it with water and foam to have pleasurable sex in it otherwise it will be best under the shower. Whoa!!! A lot of people enjoy it.

Garden or couch

If you have a garden backyard and if it is protected with fences around that no one could enter or see inside then it will be different experience to have sex there enjoying the nature. If you don’t have such place then you can try couch. There are a lot of people that love to have sex on couch. It is a compact space with only one person can lay and another person has to be on top of the person on the couch. Different types of sex position can be tried here for both intercourse and oral sex. She can sit on couch with her legs wide spread and you can do cunnilingus as you sit on the floor. You can enter from her back in doggy style on couch or other suitable positions can be tried.

Different positions

Change the usual sex positions to interesting or experimenting sex positions such as butterfly position, scissor sex position, such as seventh innings, woman on top which is also called as cow girl, the lotus and many other positions. There are numerous sex positions to try and the positions given here are just unique and possible to try. Changing the sex position is a better way to spruce up your sex life because in each sex position you will find increasing pleasure. Try something new will itself increase the curiosity which will increase the intensity of sex. Don’t stick with same type of sex life. Better move on to try something that you have not tried to experience most exciting sex.

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